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Facing Budleigh's Past and Present

Photo by Lynne Lovatt‎, Christmas Eve 2011 from the Rolle flats in Budleigh and posted in Facebook's Budleigh - Past and Present
Well, the sun has risen on a new year and it’s time for a change!
I’ve been in the habit of emailing lists of news items and features of local interest on a regular basis. The Raleigh 400 blog has done its work to mark the 400th anniversary of the Great Devonian’s death and has closed - though I'm likely to tinker with it from time to time!  

You can view it at leisure by clicking on

Budleigh Salterton, William Payne, 1790   Devon Archives.  Posted on Budleigh - Past and Present by Yannick 'MrMunro' Munro‎
Budleigh and Brewster United has come back to life, and I'll be contributing to that, together with the new Facebook group Budleigh – Past and Present. Details about that and how to join are at the end of this post.

Budleigh – Past and Present has attracted lots of interest, with some remarkable pictures of lif…