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Cheers, Sir Walter! My pub crawl in the great Elizabethan's footsteps (2)

Carrying on from Cheers, Sir Walter! (Part 1)

So, across the Irish Sea we go, to land at Youghal, a seaside resort at the mouth of the River Blackwater in Ireland’s County Cork. 

It’s where Raleigh made his home for short periods during the 17 years in which he held land in Ireland. 

The habour in modern day Youghal
Image credit: Will McGoldrick - McGoldrick Art & Photography

He was elected Mayor of Youghal in 1588 and 1589 and features prominently on the town’s website

Indeed they go so far as to say that his name is synonymous with Youghal, and they actually have what they call a Raleigh Quarter. 
This year’s Youghal Festival, from 19-20 August, has a medieval theme. And next year, to mark the 400th anniversary of Raleigh’s death? Naturally I’ve written to enquire. 

A smoking Sir Walter and that bucket of water could well feature, since it seems that the story told at The Virginia Ash pub in Henstridge - mentioned in my previous post - is also told in Ireland.