Thursday, 18 February 2016

Clean-up job on the Rosemullion

It's been quite an eye-opener to discover the thousands of photos in Fairlynch Museum's collection. I used quite a number in the recent re-edition of the Budleigh Salterton Railway booklet. 

Now that the Museum's Local History Room is being re-organised there's a need for photos to illustrate various aspects of the area's past. 

Sometimes the photos are not quite as perfect as one would like. The attached pic shows waitresses at the Rosemullion Hotel in Budleigh, demolished many years ago and replaced by blocks of flats. No date is given for the photo, and only Miss Lucy Sanders, front row, left, has been identified. 

If you think that their uniforms look unnaturally dazzling white, as if they've been washed in biological detergent, that's because the wonders of the IT age allowed me to clean up those pinnies, which were definitely on the grubby side in the original photo. 

After all, the Rosemullion was supposed to be one of Budleigh's smartest hotels. 

If you can help identify the age of the photo or any of the other people in it please drop me a line.  


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