Saturday, 17 October 2015

Delderfield biographer's new novel

Admirers of East Devon author R.F. Delderfield’s work may remember Fairlynch Museum’s centenary exhibition devoted to him in 2012 and the talk given in Budleigh by his biographer Marion Lindsey-Noble. A re-edition of her book Butterfly Moments was published to mark the 100 years since Delderfield’s birth.

Since then Exmoor-based Marion has been busy. She’d already followed in the footsteps of Delderfield with her first novel, The Green Sari, published in October 2011. 

Set in Bangladesh where the former language teacher lived in her twenties, the book was described by its author as a heart-warming read and a bitter-sweet love story.

Now Marion has produced a sequel entitled The Banyan Tree, taking the story forward to the next generation of the Khan family who featured in her first book.

A large Banyan tree stands in the middle of the orphanage in Bangladesh where Ali and his American wife Martha have taken up their new jobs with great idealism. Soon they encounter enormous obstacles and difficulties. Natural and man-made disasters and heart-breaking tragedies make life almost unbearable. Least of all, had they expected that their relationship would suffer. Yet, they are captivated by the magic of this Third World country.

Meanwhile in England, Ali’s mother Karin - the main protagonist in the first volume - regrets having moved in with her ambitious daughter Jasmine and little Esme. As their relationship reaches breaking point, Karin and Jasmine each face their very personal dilemmas.  As news from Bangladesh gets worse, they all have to make life-changing decisions. Whatever happens, the Banyan tree will remain at the centre of their world.

You can buy a copy (ISBN 9780 9557 93240) from Amazon or e-mail directly to

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