Saturday, 22 August 2015

A good future for Local History at Fairlynch

Museum volunteers will be sad to learn that our President and co-founder Joy Gawne informed the trustees recently that she was no longer in a position to be able to visit Fairlynch in future. With this in mind, our Chairman Trevor Waddington invited me to succeed her as Head of Local History at the Museum.

I spent some time with Joy recently to discuss what we saw as objectives for Local History at Fairlynch Museum. She was delighted to learn that the Local History Group has been reinforced by the arrival of seven new members, and that we can look forward to some exciting new initiatives thanks to their special interests. Here they are, getting to know each other during an enjoyable evening at The Feathers.

Pictured left to right in the above photo are: Museum Chairman Trevor Waddington, Mike and Margaret Wilson, my friend Annie and me, Di Waddington, Nick Loman and Roz Hickman.  An additional member, Bernard Hadley, was unable to join us for the occasion.

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