Friday, 24 July 2015

Smiles and sunshine for the 'Smugglers and Pirates' Family Fun Day

Serious contenders in the costume competition 

Fairlynch's Smugglers and Pirates-themed Family Fun Day was a hit with the crowds on last Saturday 18 July when the museum welcomed visitors young and old. 

Attractions included games, stalls, 'Smugglers in the Stocks', and a costume competition judged by the Mayor of Budleigh Salterton, as well as cream teas.

"It was great to have parents and children from the local schools and pre-school groups join us for the Fun Day," said organiser Christine Bailey.  "The museum is a resource for all the families in this area and we want them to recognise us as a source of entertainment as well as information."

Museum Chairman Trevor Waddington  congratulated the volunteers for having worked so hard to make the Fun Day event the huge success that it undoubtedly was.

Smiles and sunshine for the Smugglers and Pirates Day

A fun outing for the family in Fairlynch Museum garden 

That knife shows that he means business

Entering competitors for the different categories of the competition 

Prizes for each of the category winners 

The Mayor awarded the prizes 

There were prizes for the very young...

and for those a little older 

Definitely a roguish laugh

Mayor Courtney Richards admits this pirate has a point

There were plenty of other activities apart from the costume competition 

Extreme concentration was needed for this one  

As it was for the pirates and smugglers quiz 

Others just needed luck

For this one you just needed a good aim to hit the smuggler in the stocks

Or you could just enjoy the cream tea as the Mayor did

And even try a Granny Gothards ice cream


All in all, a fun day for organisers and visitors

Results of the Smugglers and Pirates Costume Competition:

1-4 years
Winner: Leo Hetherington and Louis Hames
Highly commended: Jasmin Rose Warren
Highly commended: Brian Renshaw and Reuben Martin

5-7 years
Winner: Rihanna Shaw and Ben Picton
Highly commended: Jessica Garnett
Highly commended: Rhys Hames

8-10 years
Winner: Scarlett Gibbons
Highly commended: Faith Holder

11-14 years
Winner: Cecily Turner
Highly commended: Lucinda Stuart-Banks

Winner: Di Waddington

Highly commended: Roz Hickman 

The answer for the 'Guess the pirate's name' quiz was:

Sir Francis Verney

Born 1584 in Tring, Hertfordshire. Died 1615, aged 31, in Messina, Sicily. A Barbary corsair who based his operations in Algiers. Born a nobleman, he left England after the House of Commons sided with his stepmother in a legal dispute over his inheritance. 

(Well, I never knew that!) 

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