Saturday, 28 February 2015

A museum to match Fairlynch

Matching museums: The Elijah Cobb House in Brewster MA (top photo) will be the Brewster Historical Society’s new home. Image credit Rich Eldred

Just over a year ago I wrote here about the ambitions of the Brewster Historical Society to have its own museum. 

For those readers in Budleigh Salterton and elsewhere who don’t know about the slightly strange connection with Brewster, it can be summarised as the twinning that never was. 

Back in 2001 there were people from both towns who were keen on the idea of a link, but for various reasons nothing was actually signed and sealed. I suppose the obvious reason was the traumatic event of 9/11, which understandably put Americans off the idea of flying.

When I moved to Budleigh I was struck not only by the fact that Wikipedia listed Brewster as its twin town but by the numerous similarities between their areas: coastal situation, salt marshes, working flour mills, lots of what seem to be retired people, fine old houses, golf courses, their own theatres… and so on.   

Brewster has the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, but it didn’t have its own museum similar to Budleigh’s Fairlynch. Until now!

I’ve just read that on 17 February the Brewster Historical Society completed the purchase of the Elijah Cobb House. The building looks every bit as splendid as Fairlynch. Great news. I’m delighted for Brewster.

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