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Ralegh inspired Male Voice Choir


A museum to match Fairlynch


Calling our keen gardeners

Are you... 
Bored with begonias...
Crowded out with cotoneasters…
Dividing dahlias...
Sowing seeds...
Splitting salvias...
Overflowing with fuchsias…?

Have you thought of
offering them to Fairlynch for our Grand Easter Fair on Saturday 4 April?

Do you have any gardening books we could sell?  Any vases or planters?  Or any other garden/gardening related items?  Are you over-run with bamboo that could be cut and sold as plant support?  Do you need to re-home crocus or snowdrop bulbs?   Would you plant a tray of seeds (flowers or veg), prepare a tray of cuttings, split plants etc to be ready for sale on the great day?

If you can help, please phone Chris on  
01395 488297 to arrange collection
Or email:

Also welcome are any unwanted items to stock our Tombola table

Lone inkwell finds a place at Fairlynch


Fascinating and fun: the OVA-Fairlynch joint talks