Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Rhynchosaur

Dear Rhynchosaur, inside your case,
You have a really funny face.
Your beady eye and parrot’s beak,
As creatures go, are quite unique.

In ancient times, it seems, your paws

Walked upon Budleigh’s streets with claws
Like those of really savage brutes.
Yet all you ate were simply roots.

I wonder, does your lizard’s tail 

Mean that you were an adult male?
The pattern on your scaly back
Could camouflage against attack.

Your bones, which came from near High Peak,

Are truly rare and most antique.
Resplendent on your sandy base,
Dear Rhynchosaur, I think you’re ace.



Fairlynch Museum's model of a Rhynchosaur was created by Budleigh-based designer and model maker Neil Rogers.

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