Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More mossin’

A good ecological footprint on my moss lawn

I see that just over a year ago I was inspired to write about the joy of a mossy lawn here

This year, after a mild October, the UK was subjected to heavy rainfall, especially in the South West. The Met Office has warned that the country could be facing one of its wettest winters ever.

All of which is good news for moss lovers - myself included - who long ago gave up on the idea of waging war on bryophytes. 

These are the little creatures which make your lawn feel like a soft and yielding carpet instead of looking like a bowling green.  They seem to be the chief target of garden chemical companies who are busy poisoning the planet.    

Bryophytes are the oldest land plants on earth, and have been around for 400 million years or more. Across the Atlantic, they seem to be treated more charitably. The fashion for moss lawns is growing steadily and my friend Mossin’ Annie is busier than ever. Her book The Magical World of Moss Gardening is due for publication in July 2015. 

Annie was featured in a nice article in the New York Times earlier this year.  Click here to read it.  

On 8 December at 7.30 pm (United States Eastern Standard Time) she’ll be giving her very first Webinar on moss gardening. Here's the link:

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