Thursday, 18 December 2014

A picture perfect project

With so many artists, both professional and amateur, attracted by the picturesque East Devon landscape, it's no surprise that Fairlynch boasts a fine collection of works of art.

The Museum's Disposal and Acquisitions Committee has estimated that Fairlynch has around 400 sketches, drawings, original paintings and prints of local significance or by local artists.

Some of these paintings can now be viewed online thanks to a partnership between the Public Catalogue Foundation and the BBC. 

200,000 publicly owned oil paintings are held in institutions ranging from museums large and small to town halls, universities, hospitals and even fire stations.

However, four in five of these paintings are not on view. Over the last few years the PCF has been working closely with collections up and down the country to photograph such works of art and collate information about each painting.
The Foundation launched the project in summer 2011 with approximately 60,000 paintings. There are now over 210,000 paintings online.

Oil paintings at Fairlynch can now be viewed online by clicking on

Pictured above is 'Rainy Day' by George Ellis Carpenter MC, one of the paintings in Fairlynch now viewable on the PCF site.

To see how the Muse encouraged me to compose yet another piece of ‘glorious doggerel’ inspired by the painting click here   In due course, more information will be published about the artist.

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