Monday, 3 November 2014

Museum’s Halloween visitors are spell-bound

Green-haired witch Chris Fry makes an enticing spectacle at the entrance to Budleigh’s museum 

There were spooky goings-on at Fairlynch Museum on Friday 31 October. 

This bewitching coven got the cameras clicking at the start of the Monster Halloween Cake & Produce Sale.  Left to right are: Sylvia Merkel, Chris Fry, Bernadette Hughes, Lyn Cook, Di Bagshawe, and Daphne Rowe, with Chris Bailey (front). 


Exmouth Journal photographer Terry was definitely entranced 

Our Fairlynch volunteers used their charms to raise much-needed funds for the museum, enticing visitors into the building where they were enchanted by a wicked array of tempting goodies.

I liked these skeleton biscuits.

The chocolate snails were a great idea.

as were the eyeball buns and moon biscuits.
 I was rather proud of the spider’s web that I made for the chocolate sponge.


“Come here, little boy!”

How could I resist the beckoning magic finger of the Raffle Witch (aka Bernadette Hughes)?  Dorothy Bloxham, right, holidaying in Budleigh had already been ensnared. 

This little boy’s mother thought he was scared of the photographer. But I reckon he thought that the green-haired witch was scarier.

Anyway, he’d recovered later on to choose one of the magic cards offered by Spider Witch Sylvia.  


Event organiser Chris Bailey was in high spirits. “We had a lot of fun,” she cackled. “I think the museum/witches is a very good match - we're naturals!”

A total of £230.09 was raised. “That 09p is a bit of a mystery” mused Chris. 

But then, Halloween is a strange sort of celebration.

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