Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hunting hats

Young Fairlynch visitor Amelia enjoyed trying out different hats from the Museum’s dressing-up box. But we could do with many more for visitors, young and old, to play with.  So I composed a little plea:

Hunting hats

In Fairlynch Museum we’ve loads of old clothes,

With buttons and ribbons and collars and bows.

We’ve dresses, and trousers and many cravats,

But we’ve noticed a definite shortage of hats.

You can try on old jackets, occasional smocks,

And even wear things like your grandmother’s frocks.

But of kepis and topees and bonnets and such,

We have to admit that there’s not very much.

Of fedoras I fear the museum has none,

And sombreros are rare: I doubt we have one.

Of beanies I’m sure that I’ve never seen any.

And clearly of fezzes there aren’t very many.

Of Stetsons and homburgs it’s thought they are rare;

Of deerstalker hats there are none we can spare.

A couple of panama hats would be nice,

And a mortarboard...? Great! Just one would suffice.

Of bowlers and boaters we do have a few,

But visitors love to try out something new.

So if you’ve a top hat, a trilby or cap

Just bring it to Fairlynch. You don’t need a map.  

Our website will tell you where we are located.

Of Devon’s museums we’re most highly rated.  

We’re only a few hundred yards from the sea

In Budleigh, the town where we’d all like to be.  

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