Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sporting Offer from Exmouth’s Beacon School


With composite materials like carbon fibre and Kevlar being increasingly used in sports equipment manufacture it seems that traditional wooden items will one day be seen as museum pieces.

So the cricket bat in the photo and especially that weird-looking hockey stick have been welcomed at Fairlynch Museum 

The Museum’s volunteer Education Officer Amanda Murrell explained that at the end of last summer term staff at the Beacon C of E Primary School in Exmouth were emptying a cupboard in preparation for building work on an extension of the school hall, needed due to an increase in pupil numbers.

“Some disused and rather historic hockey sticks and a cricket bat were discovered.  Mrs Lockwood, the Headteacher, kindly donated a hockey stick and the cricket bat to the Fairlynch to add to our collection of resources,”  she said.  “The children were fascinated by the hockey stick which is very different from the sticks they use in PE today!”

The two items will be added to Fairlynch’s outreach resources, which include a range of original and replica artefacts such as toys, clothing and household equipment from the past. These can be issued on loan for school pupils to learn about how life was so different both centuries and not so long ago.




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