Sunday, 21 April 2013

A case of interest for old things

My previous post at  about the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital’s robot and the benefits that its arrival might bring for prostate cancer sufferers attracted as much attention from readers as anything that I’d written about Fairlynch Museum.

I suppose that there is a connection. In both situations old things feature prominently - in museums as well as in cases of prostate cancer.

So here we go with a follow-up which is very much to do with the latter.

Local residents concerned about prostate cancer will value the chance of hearing first-hand about latest news on the disease from the RDandE’s urology consultant John McGrath at a meeting on Thursday 9 May. The event has been organised by the Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton branch of North & East Devon Prostate Support Association and will take place at 10.00 am at the Manor Hotel on The Beacon, Exmouth.

To test or not to test? To talk about it or keep it quiet? How high can PSA go? Active Surveillance or Action Needed? And how successful will that action be?

There are lots of unanswered questions about cancer and perhaps as many relating to that annoying little gland the prostate as any other.

Discovering that two of my uncles had died from prostate cancer in their mid-70s helped to convince me that I’d opted for the sensible solution by deciding on surgery when my PSA started to rise. But are one’s genes the main factor involved in developing the disease? What about diet and exercise? And how likely are the side-effects from treatment going to be? And what is PSA anyway?

Come and find out the answers from an expert. New members of the Prostate Support Association are welcome. For more details contact the Branch Secretary David Warner on 01395 445614.   

Pictured above: Robotic surgery on a patient in progress



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