Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Brewster shines in the spotlight of ecotourism

A Brewster view: Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kyle Hinkle's article is below

Last winter, the Candleberry Inn, pictured below, was one of three Brewster inns to become a verified Cape and Islands Green business (the others are Old Manse Inn and Captain Freeman Inn).  Owners Charlotte and Stu Fyfe took steps to improve energy efficiency at the Inn and increased how and what they recycled. They make their own organic cleaning products, grow their own vegetables and herbs, and even have honey bees. They shop locally for things like cornmeal (at Stony Brook Gristmill of course!) and organic chocolates, and they encourage their guests to use eco-friendly efforts too.

The Candleberry Inn, in exchange for the Fyfes' hard work, is now one of the Cape and Islands Green businesses enjoying the combined marketing efforts of the Cape Light Compact, Cape Cod Self Reliance and the Community Development Partnership who promote and manage the certification program that businesses must go through.    

But when the Fyfes took the time, effort and expense to make the “green” changes in their business, they couldn’t have predicted that their inn would become the star of a pilot television show promoting eco-tourism, but that is exactly what’s happened!  Denver-based television producer Laura Starr was seeking an inn that had ambience, was located near fun things to do, and had an eco-friendly focus. When she found the Candleberry Inn, she found her perfect ‘star’. And when she discovered all of the eco-friendly things that Brewster has to offer, she knew she had found the perfect location.

One of Brewster's amazing sunsets over Cape Cod Bay
Photo credit: Byron Cain

Brewster has many eco-experiences to offer. There are over 5,000 acres of conservation land and land that will never be put on the commercial market that feature walking trails, vista points with benches, historic sites, public parks and a natural history museum. Eight miles of beaches along Cape Cod Bay provide places to dig for clams, watch aquaculture operations in action, wade in a tidal pool, splash in gentle waves, kayak, paddle board or just relax on the beach. Fresh water ponds and a state park offer respite from the salt water and the sun under the canopy of hard-wood trees that line the banks and trails. Residents and visitors alike practice conservation efforts through recycling, and solar power is installed in numerous public and private buildings.    

Producer Starr’s working title for her show is “Sleeping Around” and her audience is young professionals who are looking for eco-friendly experiences. Part of her goal is to show that staying in a local gem like the Candleberry Inn isn’t just for the retired set and that there are wonderful experiences to have in our rural communities.

Starr will be shopping her pilot to the cable-based travel channels this summer and hopes to have a show on the air during the new fall season. Meanwhile, the Fyfes are enjoying the spotlight they’ve turned on eco-tourism at the Candleberry Inn, and by default, Brewster!    

Source: http://www.brewster-capecod.com/newsletter.htm


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