Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another strand in the Budleigh web!

Guests at the Budleigh in Business launch party at Bicton College's EaRTH Centre in May

With the imminent launch of a community email newsletter local businesses - including Fairlynch Museum - will find yet another useful way of publicising themselves online.

Launched on 21 May this year, Budleigh in Business has hit the ground running with a rapidly growing membership and a lively programme of events.  

"We are an ever growing group of new and existing businesses and individuals who have come together through our shared enthusiasm to see the area we live and work in be the best it can be," the BiB website explains.

"We believe that, working together we can have vibrant local shopping, busy cafes, restaurants and pubs, a range of high quality local services and become an all-year-round tourist destination."

BiB's Marketing Co-ordinator Trudie Burne is now telling people about exciting plans for the next venture.  

"One of our new projects is Budleigh e-news – a community email newsletter sent out to residents and friends of Budleigh and the surrounding area once a month.  Sections include 'What's on - up-coming events and things to do',  'Made in Budleigh – local crafts people and producers',  'Sales and special offers – in local shops', and  'Other useful things – general advertisers plus useful things you may not have known.'"

"Advertisers are anything from cottage industry crafts people to charity events, gigs on in the area, local businesses, community services such as library events, to shops having sales on, new opening hours etc," explains Trudie. "Plus general interest ads relevant to local residents and visitors with what’s happening locally."

"It's getting launched on Monday 16 July with now 30 advertisers on the first one. We hope it will have something relevant and useful for everyone.  But we need subscribers!  We have about 120 at the moment and need a whole lot more to make this work for the advertisers and to get the content out to our local community. We are running the pilot for just three months."

To subscribe to the newsletter is easy. Just click on
and hit the subscribe button.

"And do please pass it on and spread the word!" asks Trudie.  

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