Monday, 29 August 2011

Changing Times at Salem Chapel

As always I'm interested in the variety of events staged at East Budleigh's attractive Salem Chapel.

The Salem Players pictured above are a group of writer performers who have made the Chapel an ideal home for their productions. For the last two years they have met regularly in the Salem Chapel schoolroom and regularly perform their work.

"Our next show, 'Changing Times' is in Salem Chapel on Saturday 24 September, bringing together the Players with the singing group Nota Rioty," says Player Hilary Ackland.

"With humour, drama and rhyme through poetry, song and story we explore changes in our environment, relationships and in our society."

The show is at Salem Chapel, East Budleigh, on Saturday 24 September at 7.00pm. For tickets contact Hilary Ackland 01395 444406 or e-mail

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