Friday, 24 June 2011

A secret Budstock

The spirit of Budstock is alive and well

Someone emailed me the other day to ask "How come you didn't know about Budfest last Saturday??"

Well, I can't be expected to cover all the Budleigh news. The local press do a great job anyway, and my efforts are getting more and more spasmodic, especially during the summer months.

I think what my friend was enquiring about was a one-off event on 19 June which I'll mention now just because it's one of those quirky Budleigh things that deserves a place in the cyberarchives.

This was the event's intriguing description according to organiser Joe Holroyd: "A rainbow, a kingfisher, three great bands, 120 people, and a good deal of cider and ale convene to celebrate a secret outlaw Budstock on the 40th birthday of its founder Toby Holroyd."

I won't say any more than that, except to refer people who don't know anything about Budstock to my post at

It's just good to know that events like this can be organised successfully in Budleigh Salterton with no fuss, lots of goodwill and a refreshing absence of red tape.

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