Thursday, 5 May 2011

More discomania

Blogs are like flotsam, drifting in cyberspace until they're caught by someone's Google net.

That piece I wrote about the strange discs being washed up on Atlantic beaches in America at was found by Harry, aka Harold Johnson, from Saco in Maine.

"Hi there," he writes. "Found your blog on a search of the Hooksett disks. Trying to see from week to week how far they've traveled. (I live in Maine, just north of New Hampshire, and often comb the local beach looking for flotsam.)"

So, a true discomaniac. But Harry's interest is seriously environmental. Like me he's a blogger, publishing at but on a specific theme. His blog is "A chronicle of human debris. Washed up, blown in, left behind."

And based on his observations, those discs may not be just an American phenomenon. "Actually, by summer, some of them that got caught in the Gulf Stream might be washing up along shores in Devon & Cornwall," he warns.

So look out for those discs on East Devon beaches. If you find just one, I'm sure Harry would love to know about it.

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