Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brushing up Budleigh's image

Pictured is Mayor Tom Wright: "We're the Big Society in action in Budleigh Salterton."

Somewhere a few weeks ago I'd read that money had become available for re-painting the railings which run alongside the brook in Budleigh's Fore Street.

I'd imagined that a squad of District Council painters would be tackling the work. So it was a surprise yesterday to find myself face to goggled face with the town's mayor who'd rolled up his sleeves and was busy getting on with the job along with his fellow town councillor Chris Kitson.

The railings are the property of Devon County Council, Mayor Wright told me. They're a vital feature of the floral display along the brook, earning Budleigh its prominent position in the annual Britain in Bloom competition.

Budleigh in Bloom's members had been hoping that the railings would be given a facelift in time for the competition this summer, but were dismayed to find that because of spending cuts the County Council would not be able to spare the cash for the re-painting.

Right: Cllr Tom Wright in his usual mayoral attire

Enter County Councillor and Budleigh resident Christine Channon, who from something called her Localism Budget produced the necessary finance. Cllr Kitson and Budleigh in Bloom quickly organised a team of volunteers, and yesterday I was seeing the result.

It just goes to show that you can't accuse our councillors of whitewashing the issue.

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