Thursday, 3 February 2011

Seal of approval for Brewster photo

Coastal dwellers know that all kinds of interesting objects get washed up on the shore, most of them unrecorded in the world's media. So the arrival of thousands - even millions - of starfish on Budleigh Salterton's pebble beach which attracted international headlines obviously found its way into my blog at

At the time it was noted by an Environment Agency spokesman that the little creatures had been drawn to our shores by the prospect of gorging on mussels.

Budleigh Salterton's naturist beach is discreetly hidden away to the west of Steamer Steps. The people in the background are actually engaged in a geological survey

There were of course some suggestions in the tabloid press that the cause of their death had actually been a vast session of passionate lovemaking which had left them so enfeebled that they hadn't been able to make their way back into the water. I didn't mention that to you at the time, but did wonder whether the starfish had in fact been heading to Budleigh Salterton's naturist beach.

So I'm pleased to be able to show this lovely photo taken by my Brewster friend Donna Cain. Walking with her dog Harrison on the snowy Cape Cod beach near their home she came across this seal pup enjoying the innocent pleasure of sunning himself in the dunes. "I called the rescue league thinking he may be in trouble but they assured me this was totally normal," she said. "He was soooo cute! That seal sighting just made my day!"


  1. I have a video of one frolicking on the ice in Yarmouthport.

  2. Great soundtrack, Jonathan. I enjoyed watching it.