Sunday, 6 February 2011

Brewster, Cape Cod: sea, sun and snow

These beautiful pictures of the Cape Cod landscape were taken by Brewster resident Byron Cain, whose comments are below. They show that the region around Budleigh Salterton's sister town is a photographer's paradise.

The waves were freezing as they washed ashore, you can see a frozen slushy look at the edge of the water. My puppy dog was still chasing birds into the ocean on this cold day and I could stay outside for 10 minutes at a time.

Great colors; late fall sunset at Paines Creek Beach in Brewster

Sunset on Crosby Landing, Brewster

Another abandoned boat. Interesting paint job

Seagulls waiting out low tide, waiting for the Herring to make the run up Stoney Brook

Friend's house on Ellis Landing, Brewster Cape Cod. Ice creeping on shore with the tide

Cape Cod bay sunset

Last second decision to run down to Paine's Creek, Brewster, did not have time to set up and just did a quick snap shot with multiple exposures, no tripod

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