Tuesday, 15 February 2011

And another author's house on the market, this time in Brewster

For sale: Classic antique on old Cape Cod

"Who would want to move away from Budleigh?" we often wonder. And though I've not yet managed a trip to Brewster I can't help thinking the same question about the Cape Cod community, having hovered in cyberspace over Budleigh Salterton's sister-town for nearly two years of blogging.

But a few days ago a question posted on her Facebook page by one of my Brewster friends, author Myka-Lynne Sokoloff, caused some consternation. "Know someone who knows someone with a longing for a classic Cape Cod home?" she was asking. "Our 5-bedroom 3-bath antique house is on the market, with 3 acres of gardens, woods, and meadows."

Shock and surprise! "What a lovely home and piece of property you have!" "I can't believe you're moving..." were just some of the comments from people who'd seen the photos and property description on the realtor's page at http://wilkinsonre.com/site/list.php?mls=21100970

I won't repeat the words that you can read at the above site, but the photos which add a bit of colour to this post will speak for themselves. "Classic antique" is how Myka-Lynne's house is described. She thinks it's about 200 years old - "young by British standards" - as she admits. But seeing its interior I was struck by how European many of the rooms looked.

It could be that some of my UK readers who fancy a move across the pond - even those living in Budleigh Salterton - would feel at home here, in what is the oldest part of Brewster. Myka-Lynne certainly thinks so. "We have the notion that it would be a perfect house for Brits, who would bring their exchange rate, a love of antiquity and a knack for gardening," she tells me.

It's clearly also a wonderfully spacious family home, though that can present a problem faced by many of the baby-boomer generation. Myka-Lynne and her husband are moving to the adjacent town of Orleans. "It's a much smaller home, but it's on the bay with a dock for the kayaks and sailboat," she explains. "One of the greatest challenges in downscaling is getting the children to take all those things we've been storing for decades, even though they have their own homes!"

My currency calculator tells me that the $845,000 price suggested by the realtor works out at £523.14. That looks like a startlingly attractive price, especially for Budleigh Salterton homeowners. Perhaps some of them might consider moving away from Budleigh after all.

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