Searching for George Mills in a parallel universe

Retired Budleigh Salterton GP Dr David Evans

I was recently told by a Budleigh Salterton friend that by using the internet I am living in a parallel universe.

Well, his comment wasn't as personal as that. He actually said something to the effect that people who use the internet are living in a parallel universe. I think he meant to say that I am detached from reality.

I began to wonder about the whole concept of parallel universes. Being a devoted googler I clicked my way to a useful site at

And there I learnt that if indeed parallel universes do exist either my friend or I should be dispatched to the museum. For, as I read in How Stuff Works "species that are extinct in our universe have evolved and adapted in others. In other universes, we humans may have become extinct."

I certainly don't feel on the edge of extinction in spite of my brush with a life-threatening illness. In fact I feel enlivened by what my new friend Sam Williams wrote about me last Sunday on his internet site

In the age of WikiLeaks it's good to know that the internet can be used simply and honestly just to help a decent-sounding stranger on the other side of the world.

I feel sure that Sam will be even more thrilled that after posting my contribution to his search on I tracked down George Mills' former GP, pictured above.

"He was a very sociable welcoming person," recalls Dr David Evans of his former patient, "as indeed were his sisters. They used to have quite big parties, and were well-known Budleigh characters. He was devoted to his sisters Aggie and Vi. They got on well as a nice little family, but in no way was he dependent on them."

Dr Evans remembers that George Mills and his sisters were croquet fanatics, and were also keen on bridge. "They would go to Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club under all circumstances."

He remembered that Violet was a good golfer. "Just after World War Two she was on a ship to South Africa and was invited to represent the national England golf team."

Again, I delighted to be able to publish such little details like this which at the speed of light will reach my literary detective friend in Florida. Details which, like tiny brush strokes, will help him complete his portrait of the mysterious George Mills.

I am starting to wonder what planet my Budleigh friend is living on.


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