Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A new post for me

Regular readers of these pages may have noticed that Fairlynch Museum keeps on cropping up.

That's because some weeks ago I accepted an invitation to become its press officer. It's what I was doing anyway, so not a decision I had to think terribly hard about. The Museum still needs a Chairman, by the way.

With a keen interest in Budleigh Salterton affairs, how could I fail to take notice of what goes on in this amazingly odd building - probably the only thatched museum in the country - with its impressively organised archives, its celebrated collections of costumes and other curiosities telling us the history of the town, and the loyalty that Fairlynch has inspired in its many volunteer helpers? This year the building - not the Museum - celebrates its bicentenary.

Anyway this blog is a sort of museum in cyberspace for Budleigh Salterton, a collection of curiosities through which visitors can pick their way deciding which are the boring and which are the fascinating bits.

Do visit the real museum at Fairlynch if you have a spare moment, or better still, join the Friends of Fairlynch and get free admission. The annual subscription is £10 per member. If you're interested please contact Jan Harvey on 01395 444334.

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