Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Brushstrokes & Baseballs

I seem to spend quite a lot of my life nowadays hovering in mid-Atlantic cyberspace while digesting emailed news and views which might be of interest to people curious about this odd link between Brewster MA and Budleigh Salterton.

The trouble with cyberspace is that there is something a bit unreal about it. I mean, I've never really been able to work out where it is and there's something rather disembodied about emails, untouched by human hand as they are. And every so often a worrying onscreen virus warning confirms that it's really total anarchy out there. Only last year I was naive enough to follow the instructions which came with one of those warnings, and had to buy a new computer as a result.

So it was quite a pleasure to receive an old-fashioned postcard from Brewster artist Phil Airoldi telling me about an art exhibition at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod http://www.cultural-center.org/ in South Yarmouth in which he's been very much involved.

Readers of these pages - for want of another word - may remember if they've been to http://budleighbrewsterunited.blogspot.com/2009/06/more-than-game-art-exhibition-by-phil.html that Phil is passionate about baseball as well as about his art. He was also an art teacher for 25 years. So it's appropriate that he's been combining his enthusiasm for the sport with his talent as an artist in directing five Cape Cod students as they painted various aspects of the Cape Cod Baseball League.

The results, in the form of pastel and acrylic work by these young "emerging artists" - Amanda Carreiro, Allison Concra, Haleigh Francis, Lily Hale, and Alexandra Malloy - will be on show from 16-29 November 2010 at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, with a free reception on 19 November. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend.

For more information about Phil Airoldi click on http://philairoldi.com/

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