Saturday, 3 April 2010

Stony Brook and Pebble Beds

I've just received an alert for the April 2010 newsletter of Stony Brook Elementary School in Budleigh Salterton's sister-town of Brewster, and as an ex-teacher I read it with interest. Perhaps UK blog readers involved in education might find something of interest here to see how they do things in an American elementary school.

After my recent posts about prehistoric lizards and tyrannosaurus-like house-crushing excavators I noticed that apparently the Stony Brook school's Open Court unit on fossils has stimulated a high interest in dinosaurs among the children.

"If your child would like to learn more about dinosaurs or fossils, click on to " we are told. "It is especially fun to visit the museum displays." Yes, it looks prettty impressive, and of course the Smithsonian is world-famous.

Above: The Triassic red pebblebed cliffs to the west of Budleigh Salterton, from the sea

But Cape Cod children might also like to browse our own Jurassic Coast website, where there's mention of Budleigh Salterton pebbles among lots of other stuff like discovering actual fossils at places like Charmouth, just along the coast from here. They might even get the chance to do some fossil-hunting themselves if they find themselves on this side of the pond one day.

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