Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Not quite compost mentis? No problem in Budleigh Salterton!

The humble compost heap. The answer to many of life's little problems?

One of my correspondents has written about the following incident which happened recently. "Could it be of any use to illustrate life in geriatric Budleigh?" she wonders.

"One of our choir members arrived for practice without his glasses. He'd searched the house from top to bottom and turned out every drawer and cupboard, to no avail. We all made various suggestions as to where he might look next. I said (facetiously) "Have you looked on the compost heap?" General laughter. Two weeks later we had a phone call; " Just to let you know I found my ****** glasses. Guess where? On the compost heap!"

So whatever little difficulties that we might be experiencing with advancing years here in Budleigh Salterton, there's always a helpful person on hand with bright or even psychic inspiration to find a solution.

My friend Annie confesses that she had a similar experience with her secateurs, which she found buried in the compost heap after a pruning session in the garden.

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