Thursday, 27 August 2009

Murder, Mayhem and the NHS in Budleigh Salterton

I should point out to my American readers that the title is nothing to do with the current political furore that has arisen from President Obama’s proposed reforms to the US healthcare system and the inflammatory contributions to the debate made recently by certain politicians on the right wing of the UK’s Conservative Party.

‘Murder, Mayhem and the NHS – Three one act plays’ is simply the latest production by the Salterton Drama Club.

‘Bang, You're Dead’, by Paul Reakes, is a comedy thriller, set in the lovely home of Lydia and Theo Spink which is about to be burgled. Lydia knows this because she has planned the burglary with Marcus, her boyfriend. However, the arrival of her husband, Theo, with his secretary, Miss Trim, throws the plan into confusion. Or has it? Not everything is as it seems in this play full of surprises, laughs, sadness and a little gunplay. The only thing it lacks is scruples.

Cast in order of appearance:
Lydia Spink - Jenny Roberts
Marcus Harwood - Daniel Wilson
Amelia Trim - Liz Wadhams
Theo Spink - Richard Gomm
Directed by Diane Nicholls


The second piece consists of two scenes – ‘Plaster’ and ‘Magic’ – from ‘Visiting Hour’
by Richard Harris. The theme of a hospital visiting hour provides fertile ground for these comedies.

In ‘Plaster’ Helen talks to her husband, who is immobile in plaster, about his car accident. Whilst she appears to believe that the circumstances are entirely innocent, the audience soon realise they are not....

‘Magic’ is also a comedy. Visitors are supposed to help cheer up those they visit, but some are just a pain!

Cast in order of appearance:
Helen - Pam Terry
Eric - David Holt
Ron - Steve Andrews
Joan..Sue - Clare Morris
Brenda - Rosemary Williams
Sandra - Rebecca Palmer
May - Christine Tyler
Arthur - Alan Ford
Directed by Wendy Gomm


In ‘Last Tango in Little Grimley’, by David Tristram, Little Grimley Amateur Dramatics Society is in trouble. The membership has dwindled to four – the audiences aren't much bigger and if they don't come up with some rent money soon, they're going to be thrown out.

“There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days”, argues Gordon the chairman. “Sex!” Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama – an evening the locals would never forget!

Cast in Order of appearance
Joyce - Julia Gould Smith
Margaret - Elaine Wilson
Gordon - John Sullivan
Bernard - Mike Terry
Directed by Gordon Elliott


Performances run from Monday 7 - Saturday 12 September 2009
Tickets are available from:
Budleigh Salterton Tourist Information Centre
Fore Street, Budleigh Salterton EX9 6NG
Office open: Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Tel: 01395 442208
Payment can be made via credit card over the phone and tickets collected from the theatre on the evening you are attending the play.

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