Saturday, 15 August 2009

Massachusetts cancer group’s triathlon today in Brewster

[With its massive Nickerson State Park on the doorstep, Brewster is an ideal location for sporting events of all kinds. A Quincy-based breast cancer organization, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition is holding a triathlon today in the Park from 7.00 am to noon to raise money for its educational programmes.]

The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition’s Against the Tide event in Brewster could feature as many as 400 participants swimming, walking and kayaking for their cause.

“Breast cancer has touched my family,” said Quincy resident Debra Tobin, whose partner, aunt and sister all were diagnosed with breast cancer. “These are all young women who are afflicted with a disease that is preventable.”

Each participant will make a minimum contribution of $150 to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, which provides information to women on how to lessen their risk of developing breast cancer.

“It is important to educate people, future generations, on the dangers out there,” said Cheryl Osimo, event coordinator for the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition.

Members of the coalition give speeches on prevention, show films, place education tables at community events and attend conferences, Osimo said.

Osimo, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991, said informing people of the risk factors will help prevent the disease that afflicts one in seven American women.

“I don’t believe it was one thing that caused my breast cancer, but it was a culmination of things,” she said.

Text credit: Brad Kane

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