Monday, 24 August 2009

Budleigh Salterton Art Club Summer Show 2009

Established in 1979, Budleigh Salterton’s Art Club is in the words of its website “a vibrant and active forum for the professional artist, the competent amateur or the budding wannabe” who live in the local area. I was told that there are currently 110 members, and newcomers are welcome.

With its 75 exhibitors the 2009 summer show – the Club’s 31st – offers an impressive display of talent in Budleigh’s Public Hall. There are 244 items on view and they cover a wide variety of subjects in different genres. All are for sale, although many have already been snapped up.

This is the artwork most famously associated with Budleigh. ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’, painted by the Victorian artist Sir John Millais in 1870 when he stayed in the town. I’ve always admired it, and often thought about how it might be viewed, as in

The first item on view was outside the Public Hall, by the steps which lead to some closed doors. Art Club member Jed Falby wittily created this figure inspired by the famous painting as a sign to guide visitors. That iconic arm pointing towards the north door of the Public Hall certainly worked, but I felt the scene was missing something.

Budleigh resident Charlotte Strawford, 17, and her friend Tom Woodley, 16, from Exmouth, happened to be sitting on the bench nearby. So I removed the empty Coke can from the steps and invited them to complete the picture, which they do rather well. A pity they’re not in Elizabethan dress…

But I digress. The Public Hall is an excellent location for the Art Club’s exhibition, and visitors receive a comprehensive catalogue as they arrive. The images that follow are based mainly on local scenery: a bit limiting, I know, in view of the wonderful range of subjects tackled by the artists. Maybe next time I’ll try a different theme. So here we go… (Apologies for the odd layout of some of the first captions; I did try, several times.)

James Lester
‘Night tide in the Otter estuary’,
watercolour £250

J. Jones,
'White Bridge River Otter',
acrylic, £30

R. Rockett, 'Aspects of Budleigh', line and wash, £45

A. Emery, 'Passing storm
Budleigh Salterton', oil, £85

G. Whittle,
'Fore Street Hill',
acrylic, £65

Jed Falby,
'The road to East Budleigh',
watercolour, £200

A. Holden, 'Otter Head',
gouache, £50

Terry Duggan,
'Marine Parade',
Watercolour £70

Neil Rogers, 'Occasional Table',
medium: mixed, £250
Priscilla Hull award for three-dimensional work.
I just had to include this striking piece.
My friend Annie thought
it should have been titled ‘Topless Waitress.’

And finally, on the way out of the exhibition I was easily persuaded to buy two strips of raffle tickets for a good cause. The prize is this fine pastel work by Paul Hardy, ‘River Scene.’ Proceeds from the raffle are going to Alzheimer's Society

So, an enjoyable and absorbing Sunday afternoon with Budleigh Salterton Art Club. For further information about the Club and its activities see

The summer 2009 Art Club show is open in the Public Hall, Budleigh Salterton, until Monday 31 August, from 10.00 am – 5.00 pm. Admission is free.

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  1. Hey! Am I allowed to say "Thank you" for that wonderful blog boost you give to our show.
    And I love those two kids sitting by my "Walter Raleigh" poster/placard.