Friday, 31 July 2009

In store in Budleigh: Just Find

Antiques, Collectables, Interior Design and Private Plane Hire – All Under One Roof!

At the far end (away from the beach) of Budleigh’s High Street lies Just Find, which has been dealing in antiques and collectables for nearly three years. Recently acquired by Paul Elliott the services available have been expanded to include aircraft chartering and interior design.

“It’s an unlikely combination and surprising to some customers browsing in the shop, who hear phone discussions about where to land helicopters and conversations in Russian about apartment décor – for those who can understand!” admits Paul.

The explanation is that Paul has worked in aviation for many years, both in the Royal Air Force and with commercial airlines. Before moving to Budleigh he was working in Kazakhstan for the national airline, where he met and married his Russian-born wife Marina, a successful interior designer.
(Right: Multi-talented Budleigh duo Marina and Paul Elliott)

Just Find – the shop – specialises in antiques and collectables plus quality used furniture. “Cabinets are rented by various antique dealers to offer a wider range of items for sale,” explains Paul. “House clearances are undertaken in Budleigh and the surrounding area. Many homes in East Devon have been furnished – and cleared – courtesy of Just Find!”

Stamps, coins, war medals and similar collectables are always needed and of course free valuations are available.

Just Find offers a wide range of items to try to offer something for everybody. Their slogan reflects this: “Just Find, where you may just find what you are looking for.”

Typically the shop contains paintings, prints, china and porcelain, jewellery, pottery, furniture, stamps, coins, books, glassware… and many other items, changing daily. In fact a friend who fell in love with a beautiful walnut veneer cabinet in the morning but felt she had to go home and check the dimensions was disappointed to find that the item had been sold to another customer within a few hours.

For aircraft chartering all types are available, from a helicopter to take a bride and groom to the church or an airliner used to carry fans to European football matches. “Every day brings a different requirement,” says Paul. “Recent enquiries have included lifting heavy air conditioning equipment onto a building roof in Surrey, several helicopter charters taking couples for romantic meals at country restaurants, and an air taxi taking businessmen to a conference in Cologne and back.” (Right: A Hawker 800XP, just one of what Just Find Jets can offer)

Interior design services are a recent addition, following the arrival of Paul’s wife Marina from Almaty in Kazakhstan. After successfully completing many interior design projects there she is now offering her extensive knowledge and experience to British clients. Her work has been widely viewed in Kazakhstan, both on television and in various home and design magazines, and she can work with any design style. Apart from the ‘Borat’ movie most British people have little knowledge of Kazakhstan, so Paul gave a brief résumé! (Above: One of Marina's interior design projects)

“It’s a huge country, larger than Europe but with only 15 million people, rich in minerals, oil and gas, with China to the east and Russia to the north. Almaty is the largest city with around 1.25 million people, and is in the warmer south of the country. In the colder north is the capital Astana (famous for cycling sponsorship), barely half the size, but positioned politically close to Russia.”

Paul explained that Russian is the main language but that many people speak English, which is taught in all the schools.

“The people have an embarrassingly high opinion of Britain and an extensive knowledge of our culture – they even follow our daily news stories! Like Russia it has its oligarchs, particularly in Almaty, the business capital of the country and a rapidly developing city full of new designer housing, office blocks and new road developments.”

Just Find welcomes browsers so why not drop in and have a look round.

Opening times are:
Monday-Saturday from 0930 to 1715.
Sunday opening during the summer season only.

Just Find Antiques / Just Find Jets / Marina Designs
57 High Street
Budleigh Salterton
Devon, EX9 6LE

Tel: 01395 444498

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