Friday, 19 June 2009

Scary Stuff in East Budleigh

Meeting these scarecrows unexpectedly after a peaceful walk in the countryside was a frightening experience. East Budleigh’s Scarecrow Festival is taking place tomorrow, Saturday 20 June. Everybody in the village seems to have had a stuffing time. Cream teas will be available from the village hall from 2.00 pm and there will be a sale of plants, cakes and books. Proceeds from the Festival will be going towards the upkeep of All Saints parish church. On a sad note, it’s been reported in the local media that Zena Tarbath’s scarecrow, dressed as a painter and decorator, has been abducted. So here to cheer Zena up are some pictures of East Budleigh 2009 scarecrows with scarily awful captions:

Someone's had a batty idea.

They've called him Chief Flying Crow so I don't have to think of a caption for this one.

This one's obviously a chip off the old block

This one was standing outside a house called Cloud Cottage, but I reckon it should have been called Donerobbin.

Dressed to kill, dressed to thrill.

What terribly farming people!

The people who made this scarecrow have just been horsing about.

"Well, yes, we are going on a journey, but I'm afraid we're not related to those people who bank at Lloyd's."

Wonderful! They've called this window-fitting scarecrow Mr P.V. Sea. Even more awful than my captions, so I'm not bothering to give him one.

I think this one's completely potty.

"Cheers! Isn't it Red Nose Day today?"

"We're riding bearback."

Mr Scarecrow and I have decided that we're getting a bit tired of this game, so I'm stopping now. Go and enjoy the Festival tomorrow in East Budleigh.

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